Euro Country 2021 – Spain

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This year, my class is doing Euro Country 2021. The country I got was Spain so for this week’s blog challenge, I’m going to be telling you a little bit about it. Enjoy!

The capital of Spain is Madrid, which is located in the centre of Spain, home to 3 million people in the city itself, and due to its capacity, is the largest city in Spain. Not only is Spain home to many people, it’s also home to 2 amazing landmarks. The Great Mosque in Cordoba is a different landmark in Spain. The Great Mosque of Cordoba represents a unique artistic performance due to its size and the height of its ceilings. 2nd landmark is the Puerta de AlcalΓ‘, which was built by Francisco Sabatini and stands in Madrid. It translates to Door of AlcalΓ‘, but strangely, this amazingly unique structure today was not the original Door of AlcalΓ‘. A smaller version of the door was located closer to the city centre, and when a new king came into power, he decided a new door must be reconstructed. The bordering countries around Spain are Portugal and France. One thing Spain is known for is the cultural food and music! Spain has a very unique style of music and heaps of exotic inspired food, from Churros to Tortillas. Not only this but Spain also a type of music that can’t be recreated anywhere. When you think about music in Spain, Β Flamenco might be the first thing to come to mind. This different musical genre and dance style involves a puffy red and black dress with a red flower in their hair for women, and a black wide-brimmed hat and suit for men, but Flamenco doesn’t just involve fancy costumes, on the instrumental side of things, it is mostly known for its unmistakable guitar.

Here is a comparison of Australia and Spain using The True Size Of and below I’ve attached a picture of Spain’s flag.

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