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Hi Readers!

We’re learning about how to comment on posts so were asked to rank them from the least helpful to the most. Here’s my response:

1- I think that the least helpful one is number 1, because it has bad grammar and punctuation, and uses slang while talking to an adult.

6- The 2nd least helpful one is number 6, because they are talking about irrelevant things and using slang.

4- Number 4 is really unhelpful because it’s not using the correct grammar or punctuation, they’re talking about irrelevant things, and using emojis and slang.

8- I think that number 8 is also unhelpful because they are talking about really irrelevant things which may or may not be their work, but the good thing is that Diane wants to hear other people’s opinions.

7- Number 7 is way too short, and doesn’t explain why the person likes the other person’s story and what part of the story they like.

3- I think number 3 is really good because Hannah’s acknowledging that she wanted to read the Giver because of Elliot. I also like how she saying it reminds her of the book ‘Checking Out’. So, if anyone else has read that book she’s recommending that if they liked it they should read The Giver.

5 & 2- I think 5 and 2 are equally as good as each other because both use great grammar and punctuation, don’t use slang, talk about relevant things and ask helpful questions.


Thank you, Zoe 😛


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